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Gold Camp Gold Camp is located in Bear Creek park in the mountains near Colorado Springs. I have some friends that live there and they know I love spooky stuff so they took me up there. This is my personal video of our experience (so there’s a little bit of “adult” language). Unfortunately, we just […]

Windover Archaeological Site and the Bog Bodies

Bog bodies have been found the world over and are a very eerie look into human lives from the past, given the smooth and “freshly dead” look of the bodies that are the best preserved despite being millennia and millennia old. Though, not all bog bodies are the fully formed (some are mostly skeletons, though […]

Tate’s Hell National Forest

Tate’s Hell National Forest, near Carrabelle, Florida is home to 200,000+ acres of forest, dense scrub, and swampland. It’s colorful name is said to come from a farmer named Cebe Tate, who in 1875 allegedly became lost in the swamp for a week. There he was bitten by a venomous snake and drank unclean water. […]