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Pirate Cemetery on Ile Sainte-Marie (St. Mary’s Island), Madagascar

Pirate Cemetery on Ile Sainte-Marie (St. Mary’s Island), Madagascar   “Up to 1,000 pirates reportedly called the rocky island home, including widely-feared brigands Adam Baldridge, William Kidd, Olivier Levasseur, Henry Every, Robert Culliford, Abraham Samuel and Thomas Tew…   “This place was not far from the maritime routes along which ships returning from the East […]

The Voynich Manuscript and It’s Place in Cryptographic History

The Voynich Manuscript came into popular cultural in 1912 when  Wilfrid Voynich (a Polish book dealer) purchased it. It is unclear from where he purchased it so it’s even more interesting when you consider that the vellum it was written on dates it somewhere between 1404–1438! That’s a good solid 500 years it was just floating around somewhere with […]

Babes in the Woods

This is an interesting concept, though sad. Traditionally, the title comes from an anonymous tale originally published in 1595. It was later absorbed into Mother Goose and in 1932, Disney created a movie by the same name. If you’ll notice, it’s also pretty similar to the tale of Hansel and Gretel, with two innocent children […]

The Ourang Medan Ghost Ship

If you’re familiar with the paranormal, you’re probably familiar with this ghost ship (as well as the Mary Celeste). It isn’t exactly Americana, but it did have an almost global impact, including finding its way into American publications. So, the interesting thing about this story is that it was initially reported by the Associated Press […]

31 Days of Horror Movies: Day 14

31 Days of Horror Movies Day 14 | Shaun of the Dead (2004) This is the first in the  Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy by Edgar Wright andSimon Pegg. It’s considered a “horror comedy” so I’m counting it! The movie is a zombie so it has the typical “our everyday lives make us zombies” message, which I have to […]