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The Red Ghost

No, not the comic book character. This urban legend stems from the United States Camel Corps. Many US citizens and military officials were vying for the usage of camels as military beast of burden. Finally, in the mid-1800s, the military imported 33 camels and the operation was considered to be a success. However, with the […]

Sea-Arama Marineworld

Sea-Arama Marineworld in Galveston, Texas (before it was demolished), once left a creepy shell behind. During its lifetime, it entertained six million guests, but was driven out of business in 1990 by flashier aquariums like Shamu Stadium. After the deaths of two orcas and eleven dolphins, the closing of the park was perhaps a very […]

The Pike House

The Pike House, a military hospital turned frat house in San Marcos, Texas, is full of spooky things for explorers to find. Inside are burned books nailed to a wooden beam in the basement, hand prints, ominous graffiti, and police tape. It’s relatively easy to get into, despite the “No Trespassing” signs and the locals seem […]

Body Farms

These forensics student labs are the mac-daddies of creepy America. They are associated with several universities, including the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Western Carolina University, Sam Houston University, and Southern Illinois University. The largest of these university body farms is the 26-acre Forensic Anthropology Research Facility on Freeman Ranch that is run by Texas […]