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UFO Stories

In which we got quite a few UFO/alien stories from people we know! Check out this episode!

Cryptozoology and Ivan T. Sanderson

Ivan T. Sanderson is credited with coining the term “cryptozoology,” the study of unknown creatures, as we all know very well. Sanderson was born in Scotland but immigrated to the United States and became a US citizen after WWII. He did a lot of traveling in his life, including with his family, and, sadly, his […]

Windover Archaeological Site and the Bog Bodies

Bog bodies have been found the world over and are a very eerie look into human lives from the past, given the smooth and “freshly dead” look of the bodies that are the best preserved despite being millennia and millennia old. Though, not all bog bodies are the fully formed (some are mostly skeletons, though […]

Duval County’s Public School Number Four

Duval County’s Public School Number Four is often referred to by residents of Jacksonville as the “Devil’s School.” It is surrounded by tragic, unconfirmed rumors. Here are the facts: The school was built in 1891 and closed in 1960 with the construction of two interstates, I-95 and I-10, which isolated the school. The building was […]

Do you know where the Wakulla Volcano was?

Reports of an column of smoke coming from  Jefferson County, Florida were once common, with the first recorded claims made by Seminole Native Americans and then others all the way until the Charleston Earthquake of 1886, when the smoke disappeared entirely. Its source was never found, though the leading scientific assumption is that it was […]

Tate’s Hell National Forest

Tate’s Hell National Forest, near Carrabelle, Florida is home to 200,000+ acres of forest, dense scrub, and swampland. It’s colorful name is said to come from a farmer named Cebe Tate, who in 1875 allegedly became lost in the swamp for a week. There he was bitten by a venomous snake and drank unclean water. […]

Sunland Hospital

Sunland Hospital, initially named W. T. Edwards Hospital in Tallahassee, FL. It was used as a tuberculosis quarantine until an antibiotic for the disease was discovered in the early sixties. From there, it was closed for several years and then reopened in 1967 as The Sunland Center at Tallahassee. The center endured massive under-funding, over-crowding, and scandal and was […]