Category: America

Cults, Cults, Cults!

In which we get a little political in a discussion about cults with friends, Seth and Lauren. Check out this episode!

UFO Stories

In which we got quite a few UFO/alien stories from people we know! Check out this episode!

South Mississippi Spooks

In which we talk to our guest, Kayla, about some family experiences with spooks from Mississippi and some movies. Check out this episode!

Art! Part 2

In which Savannah and “Esther” join us again to discuss a few more “art” topics we didn’t get to in the last episode to round out the month. Video games, movies, and SCP! Check out this episode!


In which me, Savannah, and a new guest “Esther” discuss art in all forms: games, sculpture, and cursed objects. Check out this episode!

[REC] and Some Unsolved Mysteries

In which we have a special guest, going by “Stacy” for privacy sake. Some of the things mentioned in this episode: Shudder Buzzfeed Unsolved Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places Check out this episode!

Trypod Month

In which I discuss the North Florida Podcast meeting and also some of my favorite creepy podcasts. Links to all the things I discussed in the description. Co.Ag Music Cayliegh Elise The Nerd Lunch Podcast Hang Your Hat Podcast Classic Movie Reviews with Snark Small Town Horror NoSleep Podcast My Favorite Murder TANIS The Black Tapes […]

Death Cube: A History

In which we talk about death and dying and burial and graveyards. Check out this episode!


Gold Camp Gold Camp is located in Bear Creek park in the mountains near Colorado Springs. I have some friends that live there and they know I love spooky stuff so they took me up there. This is my personal video of our experience (so there’s a little bit of “adult” language). Unfortunately, we just […]