Pirate Cemetery on Ile Sainte-Marie (St. Mary’s Island), Madagascar

Pirate Cemetery on Ile Sainte-Marie (St. Mary’s Island), Madagascar


“Up to 1,000 pirates reportedly called the rocky island home, including widely-feared brigands Adam Baldridge, William Kidd, Olivier Levasseur, Henry Every, Robert Culliford, Abraham Samuel and Thomas Tew…


“This place was not far from the maritime routes along which ships returning from the East Indies sailed in transit, their holds overflowing with wealth, it was provided with bays and inlets protected from storms and finally, it had abundant fruit and was situated in quiet waters. The beautiful tropical island’s numerous inlets and bays made it the perfect place to hide ships. The pirates sailed mostly from England, Portugal, France and America to make this island off the coast of Madagascar a home, a hideout and a strategic place…”



The most interesting part about this, I think, is that we are unsure of the veracity of the site. Maybe we should go there to check it out for ourselves.

Read more about this cool cemetery here

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