31 Days of Horror Movies: Day 21

31 Days of Horror Movies

Day 21 | Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)

It’s funny that I mentioned that Pinhead wasn’t really the focus of the first (or even the second) film in the Hellraiser series. And now I’ll tell you why–Julia, the lady who was basically HBIC during the first–where she was making out with gross skinless people a lot and it was pretty gross–and second movie–where she was the one that was gross and skinless but still people wanted to make out with her and I still don’t really understand it–was supposed to be the one to take over the franchise, but the lady playing her didn’t want to do anymore Hellraiser sequels. And, as you’ll also notice, the dates between the first and the second movie means they were released only a year apart. The second movie was commissioned a week after the release of Hellraiser. The producers didn’t realize that Pinhead was so popular–I mean, SPOILERS, they killed him off in the second movie (when he got his throat slashed after we found out that all the Cenobites were human at one point)–until after Hellbound came out. From then on, Pinhead became more of the focus of the series, in which all in all there are nine movies.

I think this one was considerably more interesting, though that might be because it was almost exclusively “fantasy” (here, I’ll note the repeated use of the term “fairy tale” for you to do with what you will), taking place mostly in Hell (or, what can be perceived as hell, I suppose?). There a few scenes that take place “in the real world” but even those are gory and somewhat horrific. Plus, SPOILERS some more, we get two scream queens this time!

This movie is considered “British-American,” though I’m not really sure what the qualifications are. So, I’ll just count it as Americana since it’s definitely a part of the American horror cannon.

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