31 Days of Horror Movies: Day 20

31 Days of Horror Movies

Day 20 | Hellraiser (1987)

You might be wondering why I chose to go with this 20th anniversary edition photo instead of the regular one with Pinhead in the forefront like we’re used to seeing. Well, the answer to that is mostly that the movie isn’t really about Pinhead…he’s just the most…iconic part of the movies. Not that I don’t like his design or the voice or anything but the movie is a lot more about these boxes, known as Lemarchand’s boxes. They’re the real “hell-raisers” to be honest. While Pinhead and the other Cenobites are truly unnerving, they certainly aren’t the weirdest or grossest things about these movies. No one ever seems to talk about the gross skinless people that come back from the dead after invoking the Cenobites…or the creepy people that like to make out with the gross skinless people that come back from the dead. Or the religious iconography everywhere in the house. Or even the religious implications in general–the repeated use of the term “hell.”

I guess it’s worth noting that this movie, despite being clearly set in the United States, is actually British. It was directed by Clive Barker–who is also known for Candyman (1992), which is actually an American film–and based on a novel that Barker himself wrote. I’m not necessarily sure what that says about England since I’m not English and mostly focus on…America. But it might be something interesting to look into yourselves.

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