31 Days of Horror Movies: Day 19

31 Days Horror Movies

Day 19 | You’re Next (2011)

So, the date on this movie is 2011 since that is when it was premiered at theToronto International Film Festival, but it wasn’t released to the general public until 2013, which is why you feel like it wasn’t that long ago that you saw it (if you saw it!).

To be honest, this is not generally the kind of movie that is my “cup of tea,” if you will. It’s more “thriller” and “slasher” than horror but they billed it as horror so I watched it. And I was very pleasantly surprised! I liked the movie a lot and while some elements were somewhat predictable–just from being involved with the “horror” genre as long as I have–but some of it was very surprising, in a good way.

I don’t really want to delve into the plot much because I think this movie is one that is best just watched with as little prior knowledge as possible.

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