Month: December 2015

31 Days of Horror Movies: Day 21

31 Days of Horror Movies Day 21 | Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) It’s funny that I mentioned that Pinhead wasn’t really the focus of the first (or even the second) film in the Hellraiser series. And now I’ll tell you why–Julia, the lady who was basically HBIC during the first–where she was making out with […]

31 Days of Horror Movies: Day 20

31 Days of Horror Movies Day 20 | Hellraiser (1987) You might be wondering why I chose to go with this 20th anniversary edition photo instead of the regular one with Pinhead in the forefront like we’re used to seeing. Well, the answer to that is mostly that the movie isn’t really about Pinhead…he’s just […]

31 Days of Horror Movies: Day 19

31 Days Horror Movies Day 19 | You’re Next (2011) So, the date on this movie is 2011 since that is when it was premiered at theToronto International Film Festival, but it wasn’t released to the general public until 2013, which is why you feel like it wasn’t that long ago that you saw it […]

31 Days of Horror Movies: Day 18

31 Days of Horror Movies Day 18 | It Follows (2014) I’ve been really excited to talk about this one! First I want to mention the nebulous time period it is “set in.” As you’ve likely seen here and there, especially if you’ve seen this movie, the idea was intentionally to not give any real clues […]

31 Days of Horror Movies: Day 17

31 Days of Horror Movies Day 17 | The Hills Have Eyes (2006) Yes, I know this is a remake of the Wes Craven The Hills Have Eyes (1977), but I figured I could talk a little bit about both! Wes Craven is particularly known for horror movies, often of the exploitation variety. I know […]

31 Days of Horror Moves: Day 16

31 Days of Horror Movies Day 16 | Night of the Living Dead (1968) I brought this movie up on day 14 in regards to zombie movies that don’t end happily. That is no joke with this movie! This is George Romero’s first movie and the first of several zombie movies he made later, including […]

The Winchester House of Mystery

Sarah Winchester had some odd reasons for building this chateau-style labyrinthine house in San Jose, California. She was the widow of William Wirt Winchester who was the son of Oliver Winchester, the man who started his career as a clothing manufacturer and then worked his way up to the largest shareholder of the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company which was owned […]

31 Days of Horror Movies: Day 15

31 Days of Horror Movies Day 15 | The Babadook (2014) This is considered a pretty spooky movie and it’s relatively successful. However, it’s more of a “psychological” horror and deals mostly with [spoilers after this point!!]  the aftermath of a woman who is stuck with a child that constantly reminds her of the death of […]

31 Days of Horror Movies: Day 14

31 Days of Horror Movies Day 14 | Shaun of the Dead (2004) This is the first in the  Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy by Edgar Wright andSimon Pegg. It’s considered a “horror comedy” so I’m counting it! The movie is a zombie so it has the typical “our everyday lives make us zombies” message, which I have to […]

The Red Ghost

No, not the comic book character. This urban legend stems from the United States Camel Corps. Many US citizens and military officials were vying for the usage of camels as military beast of burden. Finally, in the mid-1800s, the military imported 33 camels and the operation was considered to be a success. However, with the […]